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Many people suffer from excess arm skin between their elbow and their underarm area. This can cause discomfort and difficulty wearing certain clothing, as well as an aesthetically unpleasing appearance. Excessive arm skin and tissue can be a family trait/genetic, a result of aging or due to massive weight loss. Whatever the cause, an arm lift can help to correct this issue and give you shapely, contoured arms. Often paired with other body contouring procedures such as abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or breast reduction, an arm lift (brachioplasty) is a great option for those in good health who have excess skin and fat tissue that sags from the underside of the arm.

Depending on the quality of your skin and amount of tissue that needs to be removed, Dr. Bosbous is the Best Surgeon for Arm Lift and may suggest liposuction to the area as well. His consultations are always highly individualized and he strives to meet each patient’s unique needs and desires. Dr. Bosbous takes pride in building trusting relationships with his arm lift patients in the Milwaukee area and enjoys helping them reach their body contouring goals.

Am I a Good Candidate for the Best Arm Lift Surgery Milwaukee?

There are several benefits of an arm lift procedure. Your brachioplasty surgery may positively affect the following areas:

  • Arm shape/size/contour
  • Arm movement/mobility
  • Personal hygiene

Arm Lift Procedure

Brachioplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure at an accredited hospital or surgical center. Typically lasting 2-3 hours, the procedure requires an incision to be made along the inside or posterior aspect of the arm from the elbow to the underarm area. Excess fat and skin will be removed, sometimes with the addition of liposuction. Dr. Bosbous will make every effort to minimize scar length and maximize scar healing, however patients should be aware that the scars from this Best Arm Lift Surgery will be visible depending on the position of their arm. During the pre-operative consultation, Dr. Bosbous will specifically review scar position with you.

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Arm Lift Recovery and Results

Arm muscles are not affected by the brachioplasty procedure. You will need to elevate your arms for the first few days after surgery. To minimize swelling and assist with healing you will be placed into a compression garment/dressing. Common complications from brachioplasty may include but are not limited to prolonged swelling and bruising, infection or delayed wound healing. Dr. Bosbous will give you personalized care instructions in an attempt to minimize complications. After an arm lift procedure, patients typically return to work and light activity in 7-10 days and are able to resume exercise and more vigorous activity after 3-4 weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Procedure For Saggy Arms?

A procedure in plastic surgery known as an “Arm Lift” ( which is also referred to as Brachioplasty) can help to get rid of extra fatty tissue and skin from the upper arms. This procedure may give the arms a tighter and more toned appearance. It’s important to keep in mind that plastic surgery is not the only option for treating saggy arms and that various other non-surgical alternatives like exercise, physical activities, and weight loss should be looked into before deciding to have the condition treated. You can book an appointment with Dr. Bosbous to learn more about this surgery.

How Do I Prepare For A Brachioplasty?

You can prepare yourself for a Brachioplasty (also known as an arm lift) by following these steps:

– Schedule an appointment with your plastic surgeon so that you can get detailed information about the procedure and determine if it is appropriate for you.

– Stop smoking in preparation for surgery

– You could be required to stop taking some medications on a temporary basis because they raise the risk of bleeding during surgery, such as aspirin.

– Before the surgery, your surgeon may provide you with instructions regarding your medications, diet, and skincare. Following these instructions will improve the likelihood of a positive surgical outcome.

What Are The Restrictions After An Arm Lift?

After an arm lift, there are certain activities and behaviors that should be avoided to ensure proper healing. These may include sleeping on your stomach or sides, lifting heavy objects (such as grocery bags), direct exposure to the sun and extreme temperatures, excessive sweating during exercise, or drinking alcohol or smoking. Additionally, patients should steer clear of activities that could cause deep tissue trauma such as contact sports. Showering is permitted on the following day of surgery, but you should avoid bathing, using a hot tub, or swimming for at least two weeks after an arm lift surgery.

Surgeons recommend waiting at least six weeks after surgery before engaging in activities like aerobics, sit-ups, jogging, driving, and weight training. Additionally, you should refrain from heavy lifting for the next six weeks. Doctors also advise their patients to wear compression garments for three to six weeks as they allow arms to recover properly by providing support. Moreover, they help control side effects like swelling or bruising.

What Are The Different Types Of Arm Lifts Surgery?

The types of arm lift surgery are listed below:

  • Traditional Arm Lift- From the armpit to the elbow, the surgeon removes a significant amount of skin and fat. For patients who have substantial amounts of extra skin and fat on their upper arm this surgery is the option that works best.
  • Extended Arm Lift- The surgeon removes loose skin and fatty tissue from beneath the arm and also addresses areas on the side of the body.
  • Hidden Arm Lift- This surgery requires a surgical incision that can be made in the underarm crease and is occasionally combined with liposuction. This procedure can be a good option for people who have loose skin and mild amounts of fat.
  • Liposuction- This surgery is capable of reshaping the arm. A small incision is necessary, and the recovery period is quick. Patients who have good skin elasticity, a small amount of excess skin, and little to no fat typically select for liposuction treatment.
  • CoolSculpting- This nonsurgical treatment doesn’t really address loose, hanging skin, but is frequently performed if a small portion of fat needs to be reduced.

How Much Time Does It Take To Recover After An Arm Lift Surgery?

Depending on the complexity of the procedure you choose, your general health, and your body’s capacity for healing, the recovery period from an arm lift surgery can vary. Most people can resume light activities and work within two to three week, although it might take longer for a full recovery. You may need to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activities for the first few weeks after the surgery while paying close attention to your surgeon’s post-operative instructions. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions on when you can resume your regular activities and when you can expect to see the final outcome.

How Long Does Arm Lift Surgery Take?

In most cases, arm life surgery can be finished in one to three hours. It’s important to keep in mind that arm lift surgeries are frequently done under general anaesthesia and may necessitate an overnight hospital stay. Most people can anticipate getting back to their regular activities in two to four weeks, though recovery times can vary.

How Do I Sleep After An Arm Lift?

It is important to get plenty of rest following an arm lift. To ensure comfort, keep your arms elevated above your heart. Additionally, sleeping on your back with a pillow between your bent elbows can help alleviate some of the pressure while you are asleep. To ensure proper healing, it is very crucial to follow your doctor’s postoperative instructions. After a few weeks when your arms get fully recovered from the procedure you can sleep in comfort according to your preference.

How To Reduce The Swelling After An Arm Lift?

To reduce the swelling after an arm lift surgery, you can:

– Maintain an arm’s height above your heart level.

– Avoid exhausting activities and lifting heavy weights.

– Wear compression clothing.

– Apply cold compresses or ice packs to the incision area.

– Follow a proper diet and drink plenty of water.

– Gently massage the treatment area to improve circulation

– Observe and follow all the postoperative instructions that your surgeon has provided.

How Can I Reduce Scar Tissue After An Arm Lift?

Some ways to reduce scar tissue after an arm lift surgery are mentioned below:

– After your surgery, massaging the scar can assist in the breakdown and soften the scar tissue which will eventually make it less noticeable.

– Avoid going outside in the sun as exposure can darken scars and make them more noticeable. While going outside your house in the sun, use sunblock and properly cover the affected area.

– It’s important to avoid stretching or picking at the scar because doing so could lead to more damage and scarring.

– To minimise the risk of infection and scarring, keep the incision clean and covered with a bandage or dressing as instructed by your surgeon.

– You may also use silicone to make your scars look better. Silicone products such as silicone gel or tape, are frequently effective at softening and enhancing the appearance of scars.

It’s extremely important to stick to your surgeon’s postoperative instructions regarding how to take care of the incision and to seek medical help if you see any indications of infection or abnormal healing.

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