Get Ready for the Holidays with Plastic Surgery

It’s That Time of Year

Once Halloween passes and all of the shops begin putting out their Christmas decorations, you know it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. Many of us have holiday traditions that involve seeing family, cooking meals, or exchanging gifts. But the holidays are also a great time to either start considering plastic surgery or to finally show off your plastic surgery. Family dinners, holiday parties, and friendly traditions are all aspects of winter festivities that can be enhanced by plastic surgery in surprising ways.

So let’s take a look at these winter holidays and how they might interact with your plastic surgery schedule. Though, we should mention that if you want to look rejuvenated and ready by Thanksgiving, you might want to consider a non-surgical procedure, such as Botox or dermal filler injections. Most plastic surgery procedures will require at least a modest recovery period before you can really show off the best of your results. However, many patients elect to have plastic surgery around the holidays because they have time off and because they want to be beach ready by the time the summer starts. When you plan to schedule your plastic surgery procedure is dependent in large part on your personal plans.

Plastic Surgery for the Holidays

The scene probably isn’t difficult to image: a large family gathering, everyone around the table, enjoying a home-cooked meal. Inevitably, the conversation turns to how people look—not that they look good or bad, but whether they look tired. Because when your family says you look tired, it may be a kind of code: you look old, you look like life is beating you down. Many patients look to plastic surgery in order to turn the tables on those kinds of comments, and there are a few procedures that can do that exceptionally well.


That “tired” look is often attributable to excess tissue settling around the eyes. This can cause dark circles under the eyes, drooping eyelids, and obstructed vision. And all of that can mean that you look older and more tired than you actually feel. An eyelid lift procedure, known more technically as a blepharoplasty, can eliminate much of that excess tissue. This leaves your eyes looking refreshed, open, joyful, and, above all, youthful.

Many of our blepharoplasty patients comment on how much more awake and active they look after surgery. During those holiday dinners, family members will remark on how well-rested you look, how refreshed—or, more simply, they’ll just talk about how great you look.

Brow Lift

As we age, we grapple with two basic things: excess skin, and wrinkles. These two foes tend to develop simultaneously around the brow, causing some people to look angry, tired, or aged when that isn’t how they really feel. The solution to this particular conundrum is a procedure called a brow lift. A brow lift is similar in principle to an eyelid lift (or a facelift, for that matter) in that it removes excess skin and makes lines and wrinkles smooth.

Getting a brow lift is one great way to not only make your face look more youthful but also to make sure your face is sending the kind of message you want it to send: that you’re alert, happy, and inviting.

Plastic Surgery During the Holidays

Sometimes we’re less interested in showing off our results around the holidays and more interested in simply using the holidays to our advantage. In many cases, plastic surgery procedures require at least a few days of rest, recuperation, and recovery. In order to limit the amount of PTO or sick days spend on that recovery, some patients elect to use the days off granted by holidays to as a way of getting some free days to rest. This also helps patients who are interested in discretion keep their recovery out of general knowledge.

This is especially true for patients who want to be “bikini ready” for summer. So there are a few procedures that are especially popular around this time of year.

Breast Augmentation

Perhaps one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures of all time, breast augmentation is often considered by patients during the winter months because it gives them ample time to recover. Women undergo breast augmentation procedures for a wide variety of reasons—sometimes to fit into clothes better, sometimes to even out the size of the breasts, and sometimes just to feel more confident and bold. Most breast augmentation procedures require a few days of downtime before normal activities can be resumed, meaning that using a holiday to your advantage is a great way to save some PTO.

Tummy Tuck

Most two piece bikinis will, obviously, show off the belly area. But some women may be uncomfortable with a significant amount of excess skin around the belly. The solution to that is a procedure called a tummy tuck, which will usually not only eliminate excess skin, but will also add some structure to the abdominal muscles. This means that your belly area will look firmer, fitter, and much more youthful. Tummy tuck procedures generally take a few weeks to recover from, and a few months for all swelling to subside. But that means anyone who is getting a tummy tuck around the holidays can generally look forward to a summer spent feeling great on the beach.

Spending Your Time Wisely

Whether you’re looking for a holiday plastic surgery solution or holiday plastic surgery results, much will depend on your desired outcome. This means that, when deciding on your plastic surgery course of action, it pays to spend some time thinking about when you’ll schedule your procedure. Dr. Bosbous can help you determine the ideal scheduling window that will enable you to enjoy your results when you most want to enjoy them.

So if you’re interested in scheduling plastic surgery, and you know when you want to enjoy those results, contact Dr. Bosbous today to schedule a confidential consultation!