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Post-Op Instructions

Incision care:

You will have either skin glue or a clear see-through dressing over your incision. Just leave it in place. You may shower 48 hours after your procedure as usual; the dressing usually stays in place. If the edges of it start to curl up, just clip the loose edges with a scissors. For incisions on the face, ear or neck, Dr. Bosbous will have you apply a THIN layer of anti-biotic ointment (bacitracin) a couple of times a day to keep the incision moist. If you develop a rash from the ointment switch to aquaphor or Vaseline.


DO NOT get into a bathtub, lake or pool until your incisions are welled healed.(meaning no open areas) You may shower.


Avoid bumping the area that has been repaired. NO strenuous activity or heavy lifting until instructed by Dr. Bosbous.

Heat/Sun precaution:

Be careful of your incisions when you are in the sun or exposing the area to heat of any kind. The first number of months your scar and surrounding skin may be ultra sensitive to heat, (even heat that usually would not be too hot for normal skin), but also to ultra-violet rays (sun or tanning booth). Your scar can be darkened by early exposure to ultra-violet rays. Cover your scars with sunscreen often during sun exposure for up to a year post-op.

Scar Treatment:

Dr. Bosbous will let you know when you can start some scar treatment. Dr. Bosbous has a scar ointment that you may be interested in.


As long as you are not taking narcotic pain medicine for discomfort you may drive. If you are, you need to wait until you are no longer using the narcotic pain medicine.

Call if:

  • If you develop a fever of 101 or higher
  • If your incision and/or surrounding skin becomes red, hot, and very painful; you notice any drainage from your incision, or you have red streaks going from your incision(s) to surrounding areas of your skin
  • If you feel you are having excessive pain, swelling or bleeding
  • If you notice, tightness in your throat and shortness of breath along with itchy hives call 911

Other questions:

Call the office during normal business of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and ask to speak with one of the nurses. After hours for emergencies call our regular office number (262) 836-7300 and follow the prompts.

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