Breast Reduction in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: What You Need to Know

There are numerous reasons why one might seek a breast reduction. The grounds for a breast reduction may be simply aesthetic; you might think that your breasts are disproportionately large for your body size and want to adjust accordingly.

For others, a breast reduction procedure may offer health benefits. People with large breasts frequently report back pain, neck pain, difficulty exercising, chronic rashes from ill-fitting bras, painful marks from bra straps, and more. Reducing one’s breast size can resolve these issues.

If you live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and are currently seeking a breast reduction procedure, you may be concerned about several details regarding the procedure. These can include the specifics of the procedure itself, recovery time, risks, and more. You might also be wondering how to find the best breast reduction specialist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

In this article, we’re going to lay out all of the important details of breast reduction before sharing how you can find the perfect surgeon for your procedure.

What is Breast Reduction?

Put simply, breast reduction is a surgical procedure that minimizes the size of the breast. This is done by extracting excess skin, fat, and tissue to craft a breast more in line with a client’s desired size.

There are many methods through which a breast reduction can be performed. Milwaukee surgeon Dr. Mark Bosbous employs the SPAIR method, developed by well-known and respected breast plastic surgeon Dr. Hammond.

The SPAIR method removes tissue from around the areola in a semicircular pattern, which retains the natural shape of the breast while reducing its size. 

In terms of scarring, like all breast reduction surgeries, there will be a minimal yet visible scar; with the SPAIR method, this scar will be tucked around the areola and extend underneath the breast. This results in a shorter, less visible scar than alternative methods.

The SPAIR method is ideal for breast reduction not only for its benefits in terms of shape and scarring, but also in terms of recovery time. Patients who receive a breast reduction with the SPAIR method enjoy a short recovery time, meaning they can begin returning to their everyday lives in just a few weeks. Most of the time, patients are even able to start normal activities in just a few days.

In some cases, breast reduction may be performed without the SPAIR method. In these cases, a surgeon like Dr. Mark Bosbous assesses a patient’s specific needs and determines an alternate approach. This frequently involves liposuction, as it is possible that the ideal breast shape and size can be realized by removing only fat tissue.

Naturally, there are risks that come with a breast reduction procedure. Many of these risks are the same that come with any surgery, such as allergic reactions or blood clotting. In other cases, a best breast reduction surgery may be insufficient, and a client may desire another procedure to further reduce their breast size.

This is why communication with a best surgeons for breast reduction is key — and if you have the wrong plastic surgeon, you may find that communicating your exact desires and concerns is difficult. For these reasons, we suggest that you do your research before selecting a plastic surgeon for best breast reconstruction surgery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Now, let’s cover exactly how you do that.

How Do I Find the Best Plastic Surgeon for Breast Reduction in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

On our site, we’ve detailed many ways to find the perfect plastic surgeon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An example of one of those articles can be found here.

No matter which procedure you choose, our advice remains consistent. The most important things to seek out when looking for a plastic surgeon for breast reduction are accreditation and understanding.

Accreditation comes first because it is the most important. Every breast reduction procedure should be performed by a Board certified plastic surgeon in an accredited facility.

Checking accreditation and certification is simple. Websites like Certification Matters allow potential patients to examine their surgeon’s credentials, alleviating fears and ensuring that the surgeon is both certified by the Board and working to maintain the standards of their certification.

Milwaukee plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Bosbous is a great example of this. On his page, available here, patients can easily see that not only is Dr. Bosbous Board-certified, but he also undergoes a continual “Maintenance of Certification.” This means that Dr. Bosbous is continually checked and monitored to ensure his work continues to meet the high standards of Board certification.

Next comes the facility itself. Checking a facility’s accreditation may seem like a lot of work, but thankfully, it’s work you should not have to do yourself. Take, for example, Wisconsin’s Froedtert network. A good and accredited facility will boast about their accreditation and certification, listing it proudly on their website. The Wisconsin’s Froedtert network numerous accreditations and certifications can be found here.

Finally, we come to the aforementioned point that is “understanding.”

Going through a procedure like a breast reduction is a lot of mental work. When considering a procedure like this, you want to be sure that you are not only receiving good care, but that you are also able to discuss any potential issues with your surgeon in a manner that makes you feel comfortable. Furthermore, as any procedure requires recovery time, you want to be sure that your surgeon is someone you feel comfortable with returning to for check-ins, questions, and concerns.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to quantify what essentially comes down to “good vibes.” However, a general consensus amongst previous patients can give you insight into a surgeon’s skill, bedside manner, and more. U.S. News does a fantastic job of collecting these reviews, putting them into one, easy-to-explore page.

However, if you’re considering a procedure, we still recommend getting a consultation and exploring how you feel before moving forward.


Breast reductions are safe and can dramatically improve the quality of life for those experiencing issues related to their breasts. If you are considering a best breast reduction surgery in milwaukee, Wisconsin area, get in touch today. We’ll be more than happy to help you and discuss your options before scheduling your surgery.