Reconstruction Revision Surgery

The Completion of a Journey

Breast reconstruction surgery is a delicate procedure, but when performed by a skilled and experienced reconstructive surgeon, the results are usually incredibly satisfactory. Many studies have shown that women who want breast reconstruction surgery and who then undergo breast reconstruction procedures end up with a higher self-esteem, self-confidence, and quality of life than those who do not undergo this procedure. But there are some women who end up unhappy with the final result—sometimes due to the passage of time and a changing perspective, sometimes due to subpar results from an inexperienced plastic surgeon, sometimes due to complications during the recovery process and so on.

But women who are unsatisfied with their breast reconstruction surgery do not have to live with those unsatisfactory results. Best Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery is designed to correct lingering issues that are causing dissatisfaction. This surgery is performed on women who have already undergone breast reconstruction surgery and were not pleased with the result. The procedure is designed to accommodate past results—in other words, most surgeons will try to place new scars in the same place where the old scars are so as to avoid more scars developing.

Why Get Reconstruction Revision Surgery in Milwaukee?

Breast reconstruction revision surgery can be a very important step for some women. Having a mastectomy can change the way that others look at you and, more importantly, it can change the way you look at yourself. Therefore, many women consider breast reconstruction surgery to be the end of a journey, the resumption of normal life and of their old identity. When that reconstruction surgery does not go according to plan, for whatever reason, that can leave you feeling as though your journey is incomplete, that your identity is still linked to your cancer experience rather than moving towards normalcy.

Breast reconstruction revision surgery is designed to mitigate those feelings by addressing the root cause. Breast reconstruction revision surgery allows women to feel as though their journey is, finally, complete, and they can go on living a normal life. Any decision involving breast reconstruction is an intensely personal decision, and those decisions should be respected. Many women, of course, choose to undergo this operation, and we believe firmly that they should be happy with the results.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery in Milwaukee?

As with many of our procedures, we want to make sure that the right patients are getting the right surgeries. We think that if you exhibit some of the following characteristics, you might be a good fit for breast reconstruction revision surgery with Dr. Bosbous most trusted & best surgeons for brest reconstruction revision:

      • You have previously undergone a breast reconstruction surgery or procedure
      • You are unhappy with the results of your previous breast reconstruction surgery
      • Your breasts have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy
      • You are generally healthy enough for surgery
      • You have realistic expectations of what this procedure can accomplish

During your consultation with Dr. Bosbous, you will discuss your desired results and how your current results fail to meet your expectations and leave you unsatisfied. You should be prepared to discuss all aspects of your medical history, including medications you may currently be taking. During your consultation, Dr. Bosbous will recommend the best way to achieve your desired results.

After the procedure has been performed, some women also consider scheduling nipple reconstruction procedures to follow or to proceed with an in office tattoo procedure.

The Procedure

A breast reconstruction revision procedure follows a course of action very similar to the initial breast reconstruction surgery. These procedures are performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. Depending on the source of the dissatisfaction, sometimes the previous donor tissue or implant can be saved, but other times new donor tissue may be required. Sometimes, this is even the entire point of the procedure, as some women elect for an implant type that they later find to be unsatisfactory. In these cases, implants are switched out and sometimes, therefore, new donor tissue is required. If this is the case, that will be accomplished during this same procedure.

Generally, Dr. Bosbous will attempt to re-use old incision sites to minimize fresh scarring. When this is not possible, incision sites will be selected that balance overall effectiveness with the ability to hide scars in the future. Sometimes, these procedures will require the transportation of blood vessels in addition to muscle tissue.

Recovery and Results

Breast reconstruction revision surgery, as noted above, is performed in a hospital setting, and often times can be performed in an outpatient setting. In certain cases, patients will be required to remain in the hospital for the first twenty-four hours or more for recovery. After that, patients are usually allowed to return home for the duration of the recovery process. Swelling will diminish in a few weeks, though drainage tubes may remain in place for the first 7-10 days to remove excess fluid as effectively as possible. Dr. Bosbous provides each and every patient with individualized recovery instructions, and it’s very important that patients follow those instructions in order to get the best results.

Depending on the scope of your breast reconstruction revision surgery, you should be able to see results soon after your procedure is complete. When the swelling recedes, you’ll be able to determine if the new procedure meets your desired results. Our patients of best breast reconstruction revision surgery in Milwaukee love the end results achieved by Dr. Bosbous. So if you’re unhappy with your current breast reconstruction procedure results, contact us today—because you don’t have to live with results you don’t like.

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What People Say

"Dr. Bosbous and his team exceeded all my expectations. I am a year post-op, and I am delighted with my results. What you can expect: thorough, thoughtful explanation of the process; compassion and respect; professionalism and yet approachable, friendly demeanor."

- Kara N.

"Everything about my procedure was wonderful. I could not be happier."

- Amy K.

"The absolute best experience ever! So friendly, professional and knowledgeable. My results are excellent! The whole process went smoothly without complications. I see the results that I went in for."

- Kim N.

"Absolutely loving my post op results! Dr. Bosbous and his entire staff made me feel very comfortable and validated my concerns from the get go. I'm very happy with my decision to have surgery AND to have Dr. Bosbous perform it. Thank you!!!"

- Shellie S.

"The whole experience was wonderful. The medical staff is so caring and Dr. Bosbous is extremely skilled. I love my results."

- Amy L.