Breast Procedures

Breast Surgeries Available in Milwaukee

  • Breast Augmentation: Among the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world, breast augmentation is designed to increase the size of the breast and, in some cases, create a more uniform shape. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures performed in Milwaukee.
  • Breast Reduction: In some cases, the breasts can become overly large, causing severe back and neck pain. The solution is to have the breast tissue reduced. This procedure is among the highest ranked in the nation in terms of quality of life afterwards and in terms of patient satisfaction.
  • Breast Revision: Despite all of the technology and expertise applied to breast augmentation, sometimes patients can be unhappy with the results. While this happens only rarely, Dr. Bosbous makes a special effort to ensure these patients end up with breasts they can be proud of and results they love.
  • Breast Lift: As we age, gravity and child rearing can join forces to change the shape of the breasts. Breast lift procedures restore the youthful shape and youthful perkiness you enjoyed in your earlier days.

All breast procedures in Milwaukee begin with a consultation. To schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. Bosbous, contact us today–and you’ll begin your transformational journey!

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What People Say

"Dr. Bosbous and his team exceeded all my expectations. I am a year post-op, and I am delighted with my results. What you can expect: thorough, thoughtful explanation of the process; compassion and respect; professionalism and yet approachable, friendly demeanor."

- Kara N.

"Everything about my procedure was wonderful. I could not be happier."

- Amy K.

"The absolute best experience ever! So friendly, professional and knowledgeable. My results are excellent! The whole process went smoothly without complications. I see the results that I went in for."

- Kim N.

"Absolutely loving my post op results! Dr. Bosbous and his entire staff made me feel very comfortable and validated my concerns from the get go. I'm very happy with my decision to have surgery AND to have Dr. Bosbous perform it. Thank you!!!"

- Shellie S.

"The whole experience was wonderful. The medical staff is so caring and Dr. Bosbous is extremely skilled. I love my results."

- Amy L.