Otoplasty: Getting Ear Surgery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

There are many reasons one might seek otoplasty, also commonly known as “ear surgery” or, depending on the specifics of the procedure, “ear pinning.”

For some, the reasons may simply be cosmetic. To give an example, someone may have ears that they feel protrude too far from their head. Others may be self-conscious about the shape of their ears and seek to adjust their shape, or make them symmetrical. More still may be concerned about their earlobes sagging.

In other cases, someone may have intentionally altered their ears with gauged earrings and wish to return them to their original shape.

No matter the reason, there are plenty of questions one may ask before seriously considering otoplasty. We’re plastic surgery experts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and in this piece, we’re going to be detailing everything you need to know about getting ear surgery performed in the state.

Common Misconceptions

First, let’s address some common misunderstandings about ear surgery.

Many believe that ear surgery is only done when someone is young. This is not true. While ear surgery is often performed for younger people to combat teasing, otoplasty can be performed on people across age groups.

Next, some say that otoplasty is painful. Thankfully, pain associated with otoplasty is minimal. A patient is typically put under general anesthesia for the actual procedure. In the days following, they may experience mild pain or discomfort, which can be combated with medication and refraining from sleeping on the sides of the head.

In most cases, patients begin to feel comfortable with their new ears after just three to five days. Compression bandages are typically removed after only two weeks. Vigorous activity is typically comfortable after only three to four weeks.

Third, some may think that otoplasty will affect their hearing. This is also false. Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, not a functional one. That means that your hearing will be unaffected.

Finally, some may think that the results of their otoplasty aren’t permanent. While your ears will continue to age as you do, the modifications performed during your otoplasty will last a lifetime. If there are any additional changes that must be made further down the line, they can usually be performed quickly with a quick recovery time.

How is otoplasty performed?

The specifics of an otoplasty are different relative to the patient. In a majority of cases, a skilled surgeon like Milwaukee’s Dr. Bosbous will perform your surgery in a fully accredited surgical center or hospital as an outpatient procedure. If the case is less severe, like a torn earlobe, the surgery can usually be done in the office under local anesthesia. 

While specifics are different from patient to patient, we can lay out a general framework of what most patients should expect during an otoplasty.

First, a surgeon like Dr. Bosbous will make an incision in the ear, which is typically small and difficult to notice. From there, the surgeon can correct the ear’s tissue, shaping the ear or removing cartilage or skin as they see fit. Then, the incision is closed, and the healing process begins.

How do I find the right surgeon for my otoplasty in Milwaukee?

We’ve previously covered how to find the perfect Milwaukee plastic surgeon in another blog post. To summarize, you should look for certification of both the surgeon and surgery center or hospital.

Then, you should actually speak with your plastic surgeon to make sure you are comfortable with them.

Plastic surgery requires a lot of dialogue and a mutual understanding of what you need. If you don’t feel comfortable with your surgeon, you won’t be able to adequately express your needs to them.

Finally, if you still have concerns, you can always seek reviews online to see what other patients have to say. We recommend going to a site like U.S. News to see a surgeon’s scores in various areas of patient interest.

Occasionally, a medical network will also have its own review page. For example, you can find Dr. Bosbous’ page on the Froedtert Network here.

I’d like to know more. How do I book a consultation?

If you’re interested in ear surgery for either you or your child in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dr. Mark Bosbous is the perfect man for the job. To book a consultation, reach out via our contact form.