Popular Breast Procedures in Milwaukee and Beyond

Popular Breast Procedures in Milwaukee Other Than Breast Augmentation

It’s hard to talk about plastic surgery without giving some time to breast augmentation procedures. Known more colloquially (though, in a somewhat incomplete fashion) as “breast implants,” breast augmentation is a surgical procedure used to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. The reasoning is usually to bring the bust into a more pleasing proportion with the hips—although, sometimes, it’s usually just to fit into clothing better. There are a lot of options when it comes to breast augmentation, and it’s one of the most popular procedures on the market today.

But it’s only one of many procedures. That’s why it might be worth taking some time to talk about other popular breast procedures we offer in the Milwaukee, WI area. It may surprise some patients that is more than one breast procedure, thanks in large part to the overwhelming popularity of breast augmentation, but it makes a lot of sense. Women naturally come in all different shapes and sizes, and so—like any set of human beings—they all have different ideas of what will make them look good. Achieving that look can be accomplished by a wide variety of different means, and—as with any plastic surgery procedure—it will always depend on the desires of the patient.

Indeed, Dr. Bosbous performs breast reductions and breast lifts with an emphasis on minimal invasiveness. By using a technique called the “SPAIR” breast reduction, Dr. Bosbous is able to get great results with half the scarring.

Popular Breast Procedures From Dr. Bosbous

Of course, among the most popular breast procedures is breast augmentation. But breast augmentation gets plenty of press. We’re going to spend some time looking at procedures that are not breast augmentation. In fact, the first procedure on our list is the exact opposite of breast augmentation.

Breast Reduction Surgery

The notion that women want their breasts to be smaller is sometimes shocking to a general audience (particularly if that audience skews male). But many women grapple with breasts that are too large for their frames. In these cases, the weight of the breasts can cause severe neck and back pain. This is in addition to the fact that overly large breasts can cause all kinds of wardrobe issues. The best way to reduce the pain—and improve the proportions of the body—is to undergo a breast reduction surgery.

During this procedure, excess tissue will be removed from the breast and the breast itself will usually be repositioned to counteract the lasting effects of gravity. The end result is a breast that is usually around 20-30% smaller (depending on the desires of the patient). This means patients generally experience significantly reduced neck and back pain, as there is less train on the shoulder and neck muscles. The recovery time from this procedure generally ranges within a week or so, which means many patients are back to work within seven days.

It’s also worth noting that some insurance carriers (though, certainly not all) will cover breast reduction surgery.

Breast Lift

A breast reduction is often coupled with a procedure called a breast lift, though breast lifts are also commonly performed individually. As women age, gravity tends to pull the breasts downward, increasing the amount of tissue on the breast. A breast lift is designed to counteract this. Excess tissue is removed and, more importantly, the breast is repositioned—not only vertically, but horizontally as well. This is done to give the breasts the appearance of being “perkier,” and, therefore, more youthful-looking.

Breast lifts are commonly performed on women who have gone through child birth or child rearing, as both of those experiences can cause a significant amount of stress on the breast, causing the appearance of aging to manifest prematurely. The results of breast lifts are almost universally praised, and patients feel as though they’ve been given a second shot of vitality and youth. In other words, most of our Milwaukee area breast procedure patients are incredibly happy with their breast lift results.

This procedure is sometimes performed at the same time as a breast reduction, but that will always depend on the desired outcome of the patient.

Breast Augmentation Revision

Sometimes, the results of a breast augmentation are not exactly what you were planning on. Sometimes the implant is too small, sometimes it’s too big. Sometimes, later in life, you simply want to change the size of your implant. In these cases, a plastic surgeon can perform a procedure called a breast augmentation revision. During this procedure, your old implant is removed and, if desired, a new one is put in its place.

The recovery and process for breast augmentation revision surgery is quite similar to the process of a typical breast augmentation procedure. Sometimes, the recovery may proceed even more smoothly, as the “pocket” where the implant rests has already been formed. That said, every procedure is different. And every patient requires personalized care and planning. In most cases, patients of breast augmentation revision from Dr. Bosbous love their results.

Find the Breast Procedure That’s Right for You

There are all manner of options when it comes to breast procedures at Milwaukee Plastic Surgery. Finding the procedure that’s right for you and your needs is a matter of discussion and consultation. Most patients come to meet with Dr. Bosbous with an idea of what they want to look like. Through discussions and consultation with Dr. Bosbous, you will settle on the best course of action to achieve those results.

So while breast augmentation may get the lion’s share of the media and press coverage, it’s important to know that there are other breast procedures out there, helping patients feel great about their bodies. If you’re interested in some of those other popular breast procedures in the Milwaukee area, contact Dr. Bosbous today to schedule a confidential consultation.